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Optimizely X Web Experimentation Optimizely X Web Personalization Optimizely X Web Recommendations Optimizely X Full Stack user-based roles and permissions Optimizely X Add or remove collaborators (users)

In Optimizely X, users are called collaborators. Collaborators have different levels of permissions. Use the collaborator roles to manage user-based permissions andaccess to your Optimizely Xprojects. These rolesare especially useful when there are multiple people working on the same project or campaign.

The collaborator roles are:

Administrators have full access to all projects and account billing information. They can also add andremove other administrators. If you make someone an Administrator, they are one on every project. If you change an administrator to any other role, they lose all privileges on other projects.


Project Owners can create, edit, publish, start, and pause experiments and campaigns. A project can have more than one project owner. Project owners can also create new projects andinvite editors and viewers to the projectstheyown.

Project Owners

Publishers can create, edit, publish, pause, and unpause experiments andcampaigns;view results;and create and modify audiences, metrics, and pages. A Publisherhasfull power to create, start, and stop experiments, but cannotchangethe configuration settings for the project, e.g. the snippet.


Restricted Publishers have a limited version of the Publisher role. A Restricted Publisher can only use pre-made extensions to create experiments. They cannot use the Womens Luca V Closed Toe Sandals Lico XHp3yyz1
or Code Editor . Otherwise, they have the same abilities as a Publisher.

Restricted Publishers

Editors can create pages and events; create and modify audiences;and create and edit non-running campaigns. Editors can create experiments, but can't start them.They can alsoview results.


Restricted Editors have a limited version of the Editor role. A Restricted Editor can only use pre-made extensions , andcannot use the Visual Editor or Code Editor . Otherwise, they have the same abilities as an Editor.

May 22, 2018
UC San Diego Health
Listen to today's Environment Report.

The first major results are in from the American Gut Project . It’s a citizen science project to get a better understanding of the microbial communities inside our bodies.

People pay $99 to send in a sample – a swab from their hands, their mouth, or a stool sample.

Daniel McDonald is the project’s scientific director at the University of California-San Diego.

“So it turns out that most of the people sending us samples tend to send us fecal samples. We think it must just be the sexy thing to do,” he says. “But I think a lot of individuals are sending us these samples because they’re curious to learn a little bit more about these organisms that are important for your health that we are just beginning to understand in the scientific community.”

By Rebecca Williams May 22, 2018
R. Rico-Hesse lab.

It’s not just the mosquito bite that’s a problem. When a mosquito bites you, it also drools on you.

Silke Paust is anassistant professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital.

“During this poking around phase, basically, and during the feeding, it automatically secretes saliva proteins," she says.

She says there are more than 100 proteins in mosquito saliva. Paust and her team found those proteins trigger a complex immune response .

By Rebecca Williams May 17, 2018
Rolf Peterson
Listen to today's Environment Report.

The last two wolves on Isle Royale are still hanging on.

The wolf-moose research study on the wilderness island in Lake Superior is now in its 60th year, and the report from the past year of the study is out today.

By Rebecca Williams May 15, 2018
Courtesy of Duke Energy

A majority of Americans say the federal government isn’t doing enough to protect air and water quality.

That’s the latest from a national Pew Research Center survey .

The survey found 69 percent of Americans think the government isn’t doing enough to safeguard water quality, while 64 percent say the government isn't doing enough to protect air quality.

By Rebecca Williams May 15, 2018
Rebecca Williams / Michigan Radio

We’re coming up on the time of year when people will be testing lakes for toxic blooms of cyanobacteria.

Jason Deglint wants to speed up that testing process. Right now, he says it can take at least a few days.

By Peter Payette May 10, 2018
Listen to today's Environment Report.

Fishermen in northern Michigan say the federal government is doing nothing while double-crested cormorants eat up fish the anglers would like to catch. For more than a decade, the government used lethal force to keep cormorant numbers down.

Although this works, it isn’t very flexible. By default, your background image will repeat across both the X and Y axis. Depending on the size of your image, that can result in unexpected and unwanted behavior. You also can’t position or resize the background image, which is often useful—especially on today’s mobile devices.

An additional attribute that you should include when using this approach is the bgcolor attribute, which provides a fallback color for when a background image can’t be displayed or doesn’t fill up the available space. This is necessary for two major reasons:

The bgcolor attribute is also deprecated, but still works in most browsers and email clients. However, there’s a better way to use background images in your HTML emails…

A more robust and flexible method is using the CSS background-image property inline on an element like a div or td .

The background-image property again takes a URL, which is how you point to your background image. While that code will pull in the your image, using it by itself results in the same problems as the background attribute, namely that it repeats and doesn’t allow for resizing or positioning.

If you want to prevent the background image from repeating, you can add in the background-repeat property:

This can take Statement Clutch Sun Dancer by VIDA VIDA 09hcRh1ATy
, but the most common one is no-repeat , which will stop the image from repeating on both the X and Y axis.

If you want your image positioned somewhere else besides the default of top left, you can use the background-position property with a few different values :

One of the most useful background properties, though, is the background-size property. It allows you to state how the background image should be sized to cover the available space in which the image is displayed. This is especially useful on mobile, where the amount of space is often limited. Instead of letting the device default to shrinking down your background image, you could use a value like cover or contain to more gracefully display the background image.

Finally, the last significant background property is the background-color property, which determines a fallback color for when the background image isn’t displayed or doesn’t fill up the entire containing element.

That can be a lot to remember when building an email, so it’s useful to save your background image for reuse later on. Or, if you want, you can rely on the background CSS property, which is a shorthand for all of those properties above. Using the background property, the above could be condensed into the following:

That’s a lot cleaner but it’s still a bit messy and hard to navigate within the HTML of your email. Let’s see how separating the styles from the HTML can help clean things up.

A January 2009 Pew Research Center study found that when asked "which side do you sympathize with more", 42% of Democrats and 33% of liberals (a plurality in both groups) sympathize most with the Israelis. Around half of all political moderates or independents sided with Israel. Mens Dylan E 195 Jeans Cross Jeanswear IqDT8U

Recent years [ when? ] have brought more discussion of the party's stance on Israel as polls reported declining support for Israel among the party faithful. [193] Gallup suggested that the decline in support might be due to tensions between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama. [ citation needed ]

Further information: Factions in the Democratic Party (United States) §Voter base
Self-identified Democrats ( ) versus self-identified Republicans ( ) (January–June 2010 data)

Professionals, those who have a college education and those whose work revolves around the conceptualization of ideas have supported the Democratic Party by a slight majority since 2000. Between 1988 and 2000, professionals favored Democrats by a 12-percentage point margin. While the professional class was once a stronghold of the Republican Party, it has become increasingly split between the two parties, leaning in favor of the Democratic Party. The increasing support for Democratic candidates among professionals may be traced to the prevalence of social liberal values among this group: Layton satin slingback pumps Tabitha Simmons JkeMqyd

Professionals, who are, roughly speaking, college-educated producers of services and ideas, used to be the most staunchly Republican of all occupational groups [...] now chiefly working for large corporations and bureaucracies rather than on their own, and heavily influenced by the environmental, civil-rights, and feminist movements—began to vote Democratic. In the four elections from 1988 to 2000, they backed Democrats by an average of 52 percent to 40 percent.


A study on the political attitudes of medical students , for example, found that "U.S. medical students are considerably more likely to be liberal than conservative and are more likely to be liberal than are other young U.S. adults. Future U.S. physicians may be more receptive to liberal messages than current ones, and their political orientation may profoundly affect their health system attitudes". [195] Similar results are found for professors, who are more strongly inclined towards liberalism and the Democratic Party than other occupational groups. [85] The Democratic Party also has strong support among scientists , with 55% identifying as Democrats, 32% as independents and 6% as Republicans and 52% identifying as liberal, 35% as moderate and 9% as conservative. [196]

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